Dramatis Personae

The party, as of Season 2 (Art by Theo Axner) – Click to enlarge!

These are our would-be heroes:

Dr. Marike Havenblast, alchemist and scholar from Wissenland, formerly at the University of Nuln.

Wernhart Bader, barber-surgeon from Middenheim

Zima de Labyorteaux, vigilante and occasional fencing instructor from Parravon, Bretonnia

Aenlinn Sattler, ex-soldier, bounty hunter and general-purpose troubleshooter from Nuln

Dmitri Aleksievitch, hunter and scout from Kislev (from S2E5 on)

Said de Labyorteaux, smuggler and trader from Parravon (currently NPC)

Courage, Marike’s valet (NPC)

Renate Hausier, young pedlar and fortune-teller (NPC, currently not with the group)

The Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are detailed in a separate document.

NPCs: Season 1

NPCs: Season 2