Aenlinn Sattler


Bodyguard, ex-Soldier, ex-Bounty Hunter

Age: 26

Birthplace: Nuln

Distinguished by: Tall, tough-looking, freckled

Personality: No-nonsense, cold-blooded, bad loser

Religion: Curian

Social background: Townsmen (parents  saddlers)

An ex-soldier and general-purpose troubleshooter from Nuln. After a stint in the Middenland companies, she’s worked as a bounty hunter, mercenary, and other as need be. Last  year, she was involved in busting a kidnapping of local children for nefarious cult purposes; she caught a cultist and some hired thugs, but the masked ringleader – known only as “the Magister” – escaped. She was a friend of Marike and eventually hired as her bodyguard.

In Season 2, Aenlinn temporarily left the party due to being needed on family business as home. She rejoined the party at Schwarzspitze in Episode 7.