Dmitri Aleksievitch

dmitri_643Hunter, Scout

Age: 52

Birthplace: Western Kislev

Distinguished by: Tall, grizzled, full greying beard

Personality: Stubborn, superstitious but earthly, has seen it all before

Religion: Nominally Curian, syncretistic folk beliefs in practice

Social background: Peasant

A Kislevite-born woodsman, scout and hunter of both natural and unnatural beasts. He knows both Wernhart and Aenlinn since old times; the party ran into him in Grissenwald where he was on his way to visit none other than Etelka Herzen, who had wanted to hire him on for an expedition.

Dmitri is no stranger to the weird, having encountered dark sorceries as well as Beastmen and worse things in his travels, and he had been having some doubts about Etelka, who had employed him briefly a year or so ago. Lately, he’d gotten on the trail of some kind of conspiracy between various bands of Beastmen and mutant outlaws and their accomplices in human society, and found a recurring symbol. Very recently he found out that Etelka is apparently connected to this conspiracy somehow but it was unclear whether as a conspirator or as a victim.

These suspicions together were enough to convince him to accompany the adventurers in seeking out Etelka.

With the party from Season 2, Episode 5 on.