Said de Labyorteaux (NPC)

said_600Trader, Smuggler

Age: 22

Birthplace: Perrache, southeastern Bretonnia

Distinguished by: Short and slight, dark skin, green eyes, wears dark Bretonnian clothes

Personality: Greedy, adventurous, protective of his sister, soft spot for children

Religion: Purist (not very religious, unlike his sister)

Social background: Burgher

Zima’s no-good twin brother, a smuggler, occasional honest trader and smooth-talking rogue. He’s occasionally mistaken for his twin (and vice versa), whose ambition is to reform him.

The recent acquisition of a river boat and cargo, allowing the adventurers to make some honest money trading, was a welcome development to Said in particular, seeing as how he is deeply indebted to some rather unpleasant people in Altdorf.

As of Season 2, Said is currently an NPC. Hopefully his player will return for Season 3.