Zima de Labyorteaux

zima_600Vigilante, Fencing Instructor

Age: 22

Birthplace: Perrache, southeastern Bretonnia

Distinguished by: Short and slight, dark skin, green eyes, wears sombre but elegant black clothes

Personality: Deeply religious, impetuous, a flair for the dramatic

Religion: Purist

Social background: Burgher

A Bretonnian-born vigilante / duelist of mixed Southlander ancestry and fierce Purist faith. She makes a living as a fencing instructor and occasional bounty hunter but sees her main calling as defending the weak and punishing the wicked, though she’s still somewhat of a beginner at this. Imagine sort of a pint-sized, Afro-French, female Solomon Kane/The Shadow wannabe. She’ll grow into the suit eventually but her player intends her to have to work for it.

Having caught up with her wayward twin brother Said once more, she’s trying to keep him on the straight and narrow path and, more immediately, keep him alive.